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Chairman's Message #1

Welcome to our brave new virtual world!

The phrase “May you live in interesting times” comes to mind. This can be a blessing or a curse. I choose to see this as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn so many new things. We, individually and as a group, are learning new ways to stay connected. We are learning new ways to communicate with each other. We are learning new ways to teach and share. At times this can feel daunting, but with each little step forward, each little success, achievement or goal reached, we grow stronger.

So, to help us stay connected safely, we have started virtual group meetings. Many of the group joined me in the practice sessions. I am sure that after the initial fingers crossed moment of getting connected there was the, “Hurrah! I made it! This works.” feeling of exhilaration. That is what I felt the very first time I joined an online meeting. I sometimes still do.

Because our group always has so much to say and share, it can not be contained to just a virtual meeting (or two or three). The Nanoose Quilters Group website has been created to do almost everything we did at our regular meetings and then some. Please wander through all areas. Explore. There will be a new message from the Chairman each month. Also, there will be “a not quite a mystery” mystery quilt / block of the month we are calling Ribbon and Stars. That will go to about May 2021. So please check in often to see what is new.

We have come such a long way in very little time. And the road forward continues. Be kind to each other.

Take Care. Wash your 🖐 🤚 hands.

Carolyn Mulders

14 September 2020

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