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Chairman's Message #3

Remembrance and Reflection

As the days get shorter, the leaves change colour and the weather get cooler, I start to reminisce about the warm summer time past, and long for the warmer days to return. I reflect on what has happened during the year and what I would like to do in the future. It is at this time too that I remember our Canadian veterans more specifically, and how fortunate that I am.

This year in particular has been a year that we may not want to remember and yet we may never forget. Again, I think of how lucky I am. I think about how far from true hardship I truly am.

The foundation of, the beginnings of, the making of quilts and patchwork was born out of hardship and surviving. Patches. Scraps. Worn out items. Pieces of one thing became the body of another. Old blankets that would be tossed away had to be reused. They would be used as the heart of a new quilt. We sewed our small pieces back together often being able to pick out scraps of Dad’s favourite shirt in the mix. These lovingly crafted quilts kept our families warm and showed them that they were loved.

During this pandemic we are still thinking of others. We are continuing to find the small useful pieces around us that make warm and useful items. Face masks for friends and family are only one of the many things that we make out of scraps. We continue to support those in need, such as our veterans, through projects like the Quilts of Valour. Turning a challenging time into an expression of love and caring is what quilters do.

We quilters will stitch ourselves whole from the pieces of 2020 into something fresh, hopeful and new. We are resilient during times of adversity. This time will pass. And we will remember and be reminded of our strength with the little patches sewn together in our quilts.

November 11th - Remembrance Day

Take Care. Wash Your 🖐🤚 Hands

Carolyn Mulders

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