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Chairman's Message #5

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Happy New Year!

New Year, New Beginnings and New Year’s Resolutions

New starts are not hard for many of us. There is a rush when we unwrap that jelly roll. The thrill of running your hands over a freshly ironed fat quarter is known only to quilters. The “this year I am finally going to make ......” project on the cutting table excites us. We can’t wait to get started. We have all been there. Done that. Love it.

So this year I resolve to stay in love with each project until it is done. Not finishing projects, for whatever reason, of course, leads to UFOs! I spent much of last year working on UFOs, telling myself that if I get 2 projects finished I could start a new one. Well, I have finished some older projects but I have not started any new projects for me.

Therefore, this year, I vow to love every project and not abandon it for whatever reason. I will look forward to the satisfaction of knotting the last stitch in the hand sewn binding. Some might call it discipline (as my husband would) but I prefer to look at it from an emotional perspective. I will love every project I start, and stay in love with that project, no matter what! Maybe this way I’ll avoid the accumulation of more UFOs. Maybe.

What’s your New Year’s quilty resolution?

Stay safe.

Carolyn Mulders

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