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Chairman's Message #7

March is National Quilting Month in the United States but for me and I am sure many of us, every month is quilting month. Quilting helps us through the rough times and helps us to celebrate the good times. Quilting gives comfort and joy. Quilting celebrates our artistic side as well as our practical side.

Every year on the third Saturday in March we celebrate quilting world wide. This March 20th let your quilting light shine. Join us in celebrating International Quilting Day! Hang quilts outside. Join a virtual workshop. Support a local quilt shop. (Do we really need an excuse to shop? If you do, this is a good one!) Connect with your Quilty friends. I am sure that you can think of many fun and inventive ways to mark this day.

You might ask, “How is this different from any other day?” For me, it really isn’t.

Have Fun! Quilt strong.

Carolyn Mulders

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