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Donations to Nanaimo and District Regional Hospital Foundation

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Thank you to all who contributed to the quilts we recently donated to the Nanaimo Regional Hospital. Last December, Barb Wilson and I dropped off some charity quilts along with our two Nanoose Quilters Group project quilts. These quilts were very well received, and we even had an opportunity for a photo, as you can see. Janice Perrino (on the left), the Chief Executive Officer for the Hospital Foundation, explained to us that our quilts are used in programs that support children facing sexual and or physical assault and neglect. The Foundation gives all of the children a quilt and teddy bear. Our quilts make a big difference. In addition to quilts for children, there are also opportunities to donate quilts for cancer and renal patients, as well as end-of-life care patients. It doesn't matter what type of quilt is offered, as all donations are gratefully accepted. That is Barb Wilson on the right of the picture.

Your Exec, receiving positive feedback from the Hospital Foundation, thinks it would be a good idea for us to continue to offer individual quilts this spring to them. We therefore encourage you to think about donating one of your projects over the next few months. We will be happy to set up a drop-off and of course take photos too. To keep things simple for the Foundation, we think it would be better if we collected your donations and provided the quilts on your behalf.

Here are two of the quilts that were donated. I offer a special thank you to Carolyn Shaw, who made these two lovely quilts!

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Unknown member
Jan 25, 2021

We just received a wonderful Thank You card from the Nanaimo and District Hospital Foundation, so I thought I'd share it with y'all. I include pictures of the card below. It says, "To all of the members of the Nanoose Bay Quilters, We want to thank you for the beautiful quilts you have given us over this past year. It's been a difficult year for everyone but you bring smiles to anyone who receives one of your quilts. Your talent & skills show through & spread love everywhere. From all of us, thank you! Janice Perrino."

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