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Our Jazzed-up Jelly Rolls

Updated: Oct 6

We had a great Zoom workshop last Saturday (the 6th of February) where we discussed our jazzed-up jelly rolls and showed our projects. Here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order. I'm sure these won't be the last, so if you want to have your pic added to this thread, send it to Carolyn M.

Don't forget that the original jelly roll tops are in the other thread entitled Our Jelly Roll Race.

Carolyn M

Carol C

Arlene A #1

Arlene A #2

Deanna C

Deanna C Detail

Cheryl B

Ginette S

Kirsten P

Leslie M

Barb W

Judy G

Melba N

DiAnne H

Francesca D

Linda W

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