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Sew "Tote-ally" Cute!

On July 13th, 2021, Barb Wilson showed us a thing or two about making tote bags out of mesh screen. Here are just a few samples of the projects that were created. There was a lot of laughing and some swearing and an occasional reminder to use the mute button. 😜 was do-able in a morning (ish). So a great gift idea too.

This bag really lets our individual style shine through. I have already used my tote lots. What has it been? 4 days. It is now my go to bag when shopping.

Lets hope that there are more of these fun workshops to come! I know that our group is full of very talented people with plenty to share.

Thanks again to Barb for showing us how to make a great tote bag. A class on making a cork wallet can't be far away. 😉. Also, thank you to Kirsten for the instructions with the graphics. Some of us are very visual learners and don't always look too closely at the written word.

Take care and sew strong!

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