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Introducing the

Nanoose Quilters Group


The Nanoose Quilters Group is a small group of quilters living in the Nanoose Bay region who like to get together and share their passion, projects, and problems.  Here is your Group Executive.

Andy Vallis

I have been an avid sewist since my Nana showed me how to use her mother-in-law’s old Singer treadle machine when I was about 8.  To say it changed my life would be an understatement!  I was hooked!  From tackling Barbie’s wardrobe to my own, I eventually studied primarily textile arts and design at the University of Guelph and graduated with a degree in Home Economics and taught (surprisingly, mostly foods and nutrition) for 34 years in Vancouver.  After retiring to Nanoose Bay, I discovered Nanoose Quilters through an ad in the local Nanoose Business Directory!  At that first meeting in 2014, I learned I had a LOT to learn! and that these amazing quilters would become my teachers, friends and inspiration!  I was soooo right!

Deanna Corrigan

I took some quilting classes in 2000; this hobby has been one of my passions ever since!  I love how it ties in with my art and math backgrounds.  There are always endless possibilities to pursue, both in traditional quilting and in creating art quilts.  The fun aspect of connecting with other quilters is icing on the cake, along with the support that we give each other!

Carol Connolly

Intro to be posted

Kirsten Pfortmueller

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Web Guru
Carolyn Mulders

I moved to Nanoose Bay in 2018 and immediately found this fabulous group of quilting afficionados. I love to create, so I look forward to learning and sharing many quilting ideas, techniques, and projects. Our cats also help whenever they can!

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