Introducing the

Nanoose Quilters Group


The Nanoose Quilters Group is a small group of quilters living in the Nanoose Bay region who like to get together and share their passion, projects, and problems.  Here is your Group Executive.

Carolyn Mulders

I moved to Nanoose Bay in 2018 and immediately found this fabulous group of quilting afficionados.  When it came time to select a new chairman, I must have looked up, because I was selected.  I look forward to learning and sharing many quilting ideas, techniques, and projects.

DiAnne Hill

My two favorite things – quilting and bookkeeping.  I started quilting almost 50 years ago when there were no cutting mats or rotary cutters.  My first quilt was a log cabin quilt made from left over fabric from making my clothes and my daughters – I still have it.  I have always been interested in anything organized and mathematical so accounting has been part of my life for a long while also.  I look forward to helping everyone learn new techniques and improve their quilting skills over the next year.

Melissa Koehle

I came to quilting from a very different direction than many of you. With a background in the sciences, health care and athletics, I had little time or energy for anything artistic or creative. Mid life brought the realization that I needed to do something different to get my mind off my very challenging work. That included 1) therapy or 2) learn something new that was entirely out of my comfort zone. Needless to say, I would have saved a lot more money had I chosen the therapy route. No regrets, however, at attempting to learn something that is so natural for most of you, but so very unnatural for me! I am constantly in awe of the creativity and inspiration of quilters. You all amaze me!

Kirsten Pfortmueller

Intro coming soon