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History of Nanoose Quilters

Thirteen years ago, September 2010, seven keen Nanoose quilters took a leap of faith that there were enough other quilters in Nanoose to form a  group. Marion Clark rented a room at the Fairwinds Center, we advertised locally but mostly through word of mouth, then we waited to see how many people would show up at the first meeting.  We needed a commitment of $25 from a dozen people to cover room rental fees for the year.

Marion wrote about this first gathering, “I stood back and watched the group participate in a 'Let’s Get Acquainted' activity.  Everyone was so obviously engaged and the conversations so animated that we could barely get people back in their seats.  It was at that moment I knew we were a go.”  What a memorable start and the original seven ladies breathed a sigh of relief.

By years end there were 26 members.  Programs were mostly member lead.  These included demos on 60 degree triangle rulers and blocks, quilts for charity, Valentine cards, heart pincushions, quilt as you go, preparing quilts for quilting, quilting outside the square, gizmos and gadgets from Stitch n Stitch and of course the ever popular, “Drag and Brag”.  These things are all still popular today.

So after 13 years and nearly 100 programs, Christmas luncheons and Summer Lemonade Socials, our group continues with the same goals as a decade ago - learning new quilting techniques, sharing knowledge, promoting the joy of quilting and supporting each other’s creativity.  While the covid pandemic may have limited our ability to meet in person for a couple of years, we developed new skills with zoom meetings and workshops, and blogging and posting on our newly developed website: our flexibility and enthusiasm did not wane. We are happy to for the return of in person meetings in our new setting at St. Mary's Anglican Church Hall.


Nanoose Quilters Founding Members (2010)

   Marion Clark

   Nancy McDonald

   Eva Coleman 

   Win Turner

   Ginette Schewe

   Allana Patterson

   Verona Bridges

Nanoose Quilters Past Presidents

   Marion Clark

   Lynda Hackney and Debra Rees (co-chairs)

   Linda Turner

   Quita Peverley

   Carol Hickman and Linda Greig (co-chairs)

   Carolyn Shaw and Barb Wilson (co-chairs)

   Carolyn Mulders

   Andy Vallis

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