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Season's greetings

Season’s Greetings

I wanted to take this time following our very successful “Quilting and Beyond” exhibit and our holiday luncheon, and before the holiday madness starts, to formally thank our Nanoose Quilting members, as well as the Executive - Deanna C, Melissa K, Toine R, and Carolyn S for your efforts to make these events so awesome!

Thanks to:

  • In particular, my right hand woman Carolyn S for all the work she has done on updating our website as well as her support in all things MAC! Thank you Carolyn.

  • A big thank you to Marion C for her vision, design and implementation of our MAC exhibit. We received so many positive comments on our displays, all due to her creative efforts and her set up team Melba N and Deanna C. Thank you Marion.

  • To Judy G and her team of Barb W and Donna M for their outstanding education boards on “So you want to make a Quilt”. Many people commented that they had no idea quilts were so varied and complicated! Thank you.

  • To Monika H for marshalling the troops and ensuring there was always an “Artist in Residence” when the gallery was open. She also provided those lovely hand sewn bowls as part of our gift bags at our luncheon. Thank you Monika and her team of “Quilting Ambassadors”!!

  • To Ada Y and Linda G for quilting our beautiful Guest and Biography books. I hope everyone has a chance to read the18(!!) pages of glowing comments written by over 150 visitors! Thank you.

  • To DiAnne H and her collection team - Deanna C, Carolyn S and Roxane N for making sure all the quilts were ready for display and delivered to the gallery. Thank you.

  • To Sandi D and Melissa K for helping me sort, price and tag over 500 Boutique items. Wow! Thank you.

  • To the photographers, Carolyn and Don M, Linda H, Linda G, Judy G and DiAnne H for adding to our archive of great memories! Thank you all!

  • Finally, I wish to express my gratitude to the membership, for making such beautiful quilts, decorations, pouches, table centres and runners, placemats, coasters, bags, boxes, pillows, greeting and post cards and so much more. You are an amazing group of women! Thank you.

It has been a very busy year and a half, but we can be very proud of the outstanding results. We have cleared over $1,300 which I’m sure, with your suggestions, we will put to good use!

Wishing you all best of the holiday season!

See you all January 2nd, 2024!!!



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